Import and Export License Registration in Pakistan

Import and Export License Registration in Pakistan:-

Last couple of years, Pakistan has tremendously increased its export to Europe, Africa and american markets, especially in textile, leather, sports, handcrafts, fruits and dry fruits. unfortunately, the import from different countries has also been increased which is not a good sign as well as our import bill is increasing day by day, thats why US$ rate increased.

Pakistan is a developing country and taking heavy loans from IMF, ADB as well as from china, KSA, UAE and  the other countries, unfortunately, the cost price has been increased due to inflation as well as high power supply rates.

Pakistan is an Agricultural Country, unfortunately, we have to import wheat from different parts of the word, which resulted decreased in Foreign Exchange of the country.

A lot of Import and Export opportunities are in Pakistan, the govt should take necessary steps to increase the export of the country as well as decrease the import.

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If you want to start your import and export business, you must apply documents which are necessary for Import and Export License Registration in Pakistan. In Pakistan, we can use the mediums for import and export like Air Cargo, Shipping line and courier services Read More »