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Sole Proprietorship Registration in Pakistan

Sole Proprietorship is very commonly used in Pakistan as well as abroad. Sole Proprietorship means the person who is lonely running his / her business in Pakistan, is known as sole Proprietorship. A lot of People / businessmen are doing their business under the umbrella of Sole Proprietorship, the person who is running sole proprietorship is known as Sole proprietor.


There are lot of benefits of Sole Proprietorship which are described as follows:-

Benefits of Sole Proprietorship:-

  • Enjoy his business 100%
  • fully Decision maker
  • 100% profit sharing
  • No dependent on any one

Requirements for Sole Proprietorship Registration:-

  1. Copy of Valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  2. Name of Business
  3. Business Address
  4. Nature of Business
  5. Contact details


If you need to register your proprietorship, you may contact: 03009439703, Email: sqamer@gmail.com


Firm Registration Process in Lahore

In Pakistan, Firm Registration is done under Partnership Act 1932, presently firms are being registered by City District Government throughout Pakistan. the documents required for firm registration varies district wise, but the followings are the key requirements for firm registration process in Lahore Read More »

Company Registration Procedure in Pakistan

Company Registration Procedure in Pakistan

Company Registration procedure in Pakistan is not an easy process, normally people don’t have any basic legal, corporate awareness and education about the company registration in Pakistan.

Normally they take guidance and consultancy from experienced professionals, consultants and lawyers which is necessary to start the company registration procedure as well as tax registration in Pakistan. Read More »

Company Incorporation Process in Pakistan

Company Incorporation Process in Pakistan

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, known as, SECP provides company incorporation process in Pakistan under Companies Act 2017. SECP charges official fee according to Authorized Capital at time of company registration in Pakistan. SECP provides options to promoters / company’s management to apply company registration process in two methods: Read More »

Company Winding Process

Company Winding Process in Pakistan:-

Company winding up means the closure of company or closing incorporated company, there are certain kinds of winding up company in Pakistan.

  1. Winding up by the Order of the Court
  2. Winding up by Creditors
  3. Voluntarily Winding up
  4. Winding up by SECP

Company Winding Up Process:

any one who is not running business properly or intends to closure of business, he /she must apply for winding up of company in Pakistan through securities and exchange commission of Pakistan. If some one not apply / intimate winding up of business to SECP, it means the company is running properly and all the obligations of the company on the management of the company.

Winding up process is not very much complex, however the documents must be fulfill and winding up of company application must be presented to registrar of company along with relevant documents and fee of SECP

Time Duration of Winding up:

Once the case worker receives the document for winding up of company, after verification of bank fee and the documents attached with Application, Company Registration office will take around 3-4 weeks for winding up the company and this office will send written letter on the registered address of the company.

Fee for winding up of company

As mentioned in companies Act 2017.

Easy Exit Scheme:

SECP allows all to file voluntary winding up, optioning to apply through Easy Exit Scheme which takes less time as compared to other processes.

you may contact us for your company winding up process, Cell No. 03009439703

Tax Consultants in Lahore Pakistan

Tax Consultants in Lahore Pakistan

Tax consultants, also known as tax advisers, are having practical knowledge and experience in tax laws and well understand the rules and regulations for company, business and individual taxes and advise clients on how to comply with both federal board of revenue (FBR) and tax legislation in Pakistan, it is very important to hire professional and experienced tax consultants in Lahore Pakistan for handling your business legal matters. Read More »

SECP Mandatory Appointments


After Registration or Incorporation of every new Private Limited company (Pvt Ltd company) , Single Member Private Limited company (SMC), Public Limited company (Listed in Stock Exchange) , Public Limited company (non-listed in Stock Exchange), Non-Profit Organization (NPO / NGO) registered under Section 42 of Company Ordinance, Foreign Companies, and any others entity registered in SECP. Read More »

How to Register a software house in Pakistan

IT business is exempt from tax in Pakistan, if any company receives payment from foreign clients through proper banking Chanel and declares the income in annual income tax return of the company.

Software House or IT business is a very growing business in Pakistan as well as in whole world, a lot of freelancer are doing business without registration in Pakistan, which is an illegal activity. It is strongly recommended to register your business with government of Pakistan and declare your income from business, there are a lot of benefits to declare annual income to departments of Pakistan.

Software Export business is almost tax exempted business in Pakistan, however the income from software house, must be declared to relevant departments, otherwise, the income would not be exempted from tax

In Pakistan IT business is registered as follows:-.

  • Software House Registration in Pakistan
  • Information Technology company Registration / IT consultancy company Registration
  • Software House Registration
  • Web Development Company
  • Networking security Company Registration

Read More »

Software House Registration Pakistan

Software House Registration in Pakistan

Software development is a growing industry in Pakistan since couple of decades, Pakistan is producing number of IT specialists, software engineers and web developers every years.

Most of IT experts / software engineers prefers to start their own business  or software house and could be able to work independently and earn more earning from their own skills and resources, however they do not know about Software House Registration Pakistan, due to lack of knowledge about the corporate governance, they are unable to start their own business. Read More »

Non Filers Atl List Active Tax Payer How To Become Filer in Pakistan

Dear sir / Madam,

If you are non-filer, please contact us, we will start process to become filer and save your money and avoid from penalties, like Withholding tax on banking transaction, extra payment for vehicle registration, extra tax deduction on dividends and monthly banks profits.

Further, If you want to take tax guidance / consultation regarding Tax Notices, Tax Audit, Tax Appeals and Income Tax Returns / Sales Tax Returns, FBR e-enrollments, tax e-filing. Read More »