Non Filers Atl List Active Tax Payer How To Become Filer in Pakistan

Dear sir / Madam,

If you are non-filer, please contact us, we will start process to become filer and save your money and avoid from penalties, like Withholding tax on banking transaction, extra payment for vehicle registration, extra tax deduction on dividends and monthly banks profits.

Further, If you want to take tax guidance / consultation regarding Tax Notices, Tax Audit, Tax Appeals and Income Tax Returns / Sales Tax Returns, FBR e-enrollments, tax e-filing. Read More »

Trade Mark Registration Pakistan

Trade Mark Registration Pakistan

Trade Mark Registration in Pakistan

Trade Mark registration is very important for every business to secure the company name, brands and logos as well, here we discuss and explain to general public for Trade mark registration in Pakistan. Trademark plays a vital role for any business throughout the world. A number of companies recognized from their unique styles, logos, names, Like McDonald is recognized from the stylish word “M”. it is just one example for understanding. Read More »

Visa Refusal cases in Pakistan

Visa Refusal cases in Pakistan

Visa refusal is a natural phenomena and nobody should be dis-hearted if his / her visa refused. Embassy give judgement according to their rules and regulations and guideline given in visa issuance rules and regulation, we must follow rules of visa applications and then submit visa petition according to updated rules which are normally mentioned on official website of embassies. Read More »

Travel Agency Registration process Pakistan

Travel Agency Registration process Pakistan

Travel Agency Registration process

Travel Agency business is growing and profitable business in Pakistan as well as abroad. Pakistan is a country where a lot of people go abroad every year for general visit, business meeting, seeking job / work permit, study abroad, immigration / settle abroad. Everyone need international travel ticket for travelling to any country as well as local city to city traveling in Pakistan. It is very important here to discuss the travel agency registration process in Pakistan as well as company registration for Hajj and Umrah. Read More »

Company registration requirements in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) provides services for new Company Registration in Pakistan, like Pvt. Limited Company, Single Member Company, public limited company, Foreign Company Registration, NPO, NGO, Trade Associations. First of all, here we will discuss, about the new company registration requirements in Pakistan and also provide information after the registration of company, appointments,  procedure, submission of SECP mandatory return etc.

Kinds of Company Registration in Pakistan:

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Pra Registration in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Federal Government directed to all provinces to collect tax on service providers, first of all I would like to share with you the list of professions such as Media Houses, TV production, Educational institutions, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, furthermore, Professional Consultants, Engineers, Brokerage Houses, Commission Agents, Construction business, Contractor, etc.., therefore PRA registration in Pakistan is mandatory who provides services in Punjab Province.

In Punjab region, Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) established to collect the tax.  PRA registration is compulsory on services provider individuals, firms and companies in Punjab. Read More »

Sales Tax Registration Procedure in Pakistan

Sales Tax Registration in Pakistan / GST Registration in Pakistan is very important these days, without sales tax registration, no businessman can import & export any thing as well as will not be able to work with well reputed companies and Government organisations in Pakistan, before submission of documents sales tax office, every person should complete application of Sales Tax Registration procedure in Pakistan.

Without Sales tax registration, it is not easy to participate in any tender in Pakistan as well as registration in various Government, Semi Government and multinational companies. Read More »

NGO Registration Pakistan

NGO Registration in Pakistan

non-governmental organization (NGO) or non-profit organization (NPO)  is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national or international level. Furthermore, here explains the procedure of NGO registration in Pakistan.

First of all, we would explain the objectives of NGO / NPO in Pakistan as well as internationally, the main object of the NGO / NPO is only welfare work not commercial activities, because it is setup for only help of the people, therefore, it is mandatory for the only welfare purpose since startup. Read More »