Financial Feasibility & Projection Services

For investors to engage in launching a product or investment project, the plan has to be financially viable. Invested capital must show the potential to generate an economic return to investors at least equal to that available from other similarly risky investments, i.e. the return on investment needs to be equal or higher. For example, an investor expects a manufacturing facility to generate sufficient cash flows from operation to pay for the construction of the facility and ongoing operating expenses and, additionally, have an attractive interest rate of return.

:: Feasibility Study
:: Appraisal & Evaluation
:: Performance Measurement
Business Advisory Services.

With the emergence of new techniques and technology, business competition from both national and international is ever-increasing. S Qamer & Co provides a range of services to help meet the valuable demands of its clients, which include:


  • Cost allocation studies.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Review and compilation assignments
  • Review of business plans and projections.
  • Feasibility reports and analysis
  • Opinion and counseling on accounting matters and related legal issues and accounting standards