NGO Society Registration in Pakistan

S Qamer & Co provides comprehensive legal services to non-profit organizations and associations in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We provide services to businesses, institutions, educational, social, religious, individuals and families seeking to accomplish non-profit objectives. In Pakistan there are numbers of laws for registration of non-profit organizations including the prominent Acts and Ordinances as The Societies Registration Act, 1860, The Trusts Act, 1882, Registration of non-profit Companies under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984, The Co-operative Societies Act, 1925, Trade Organisations Ordinance, 2007, Non-Profit Public Benefit Organisations (Governance and Support) Act, 2003, Mussalman Waqf Act, 1923, Charitable Endowments Act, 1923.

:: (NPO / NGO) Registration

:: Non-profit Organizations Registration

:: Societies Registration


S Qamer & Co offers a broad spectrum of legal services to NPO’s in Pakistan including following:

  • Registration of Non-profit Organizations/Non Governmental Organisations
  • Preparation of documents
  • Advising non-profit board members of their duties & responsibilities
  • Advising individuals and entities with respect to charitable giving matters
  • Advising NPO’s in obtaining tax exemptions
  • Representing & defending all types of NPO’s in mediation, arbitration, litigation & similar matters
  • Advising on real estate transactions, environmental etc. issues
  • Advice NGO’s in their fund raising efforts
  • Advising on Intellectual property issues, applying for and protecting copyrights or trademarks and obtaining licenses to use copyrighted materials
  • Drafting of employment agreements
  • Dissolution of NPOs/NGOs