Tax Consultants in Lahore Pakistan

Tax Consultants in Lahore Pakistan

Tax consultants, also known as tax advisers, are having practical knowledge and experience in tax laws and well understand the rules and regulations for company, business and individual taxes and advise clients on how to comply with both federal board of revenue (FBR) and tax legislation in Pakistan, it is very important to hire professional and experienced tax consultants in Lahore Pakistan for handling your business legal matters.


Tax consultants / advisers provide complete information and guidance to their clients with financial and tax-related advice and day to day changes in tax laws, rules and regulations and also provide training and give practical knowledge to their clients on tax issues, like how to legally file their tax returns and how to calculate taxes and deposit properly in banks.

Tax consultants also provide guidance for any financial investment of their clients as well as prepare projections and feasibility, how to invest and how to get financial return back.

Tax collection is the backbone of every country to run the country’s financial matters smoothly. unfortunately, since couple of decades. We are not achieving budged tax revenues as mentioned in annual Pakistani budget. A lot of measures are needed to get the proper tax revenues in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, a number of steps taken to improve the tax management system to get tax revenues and income.

Taxes in Pakistan:

  • Income Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Custom Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Professional Tax
  • Federal Excise Duty (FED)
  • Provincial Taxes, PRA, SRA etc.
  • Capital gain tax (CGT)
  • CVT
  • Penalties 
  • Other Taxes

Tax Rates in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, there are several kinds of taxes on filer and non-filer. Filer is a person who file annually income tax return and non-filer is a person who doesnot file income tax return annually or late filing. Furthermore here we want to clarify that the tax rates change every year in Budget of Pakistan. The Tax rates in Pakistan may be downloaded from the official website of the FBR which is www.fbr.gov.pk

Step by step guidance and advice by the tax consultants in Lahore Pakistan

  • Provide information regarding registration in tax department
  • Prepare applications for Registration with Tax department, Like NTN Registration, Sales Tax Registration, PRA Registration etc.
  • Filing of monthly, quarterly and annually tax returns
  • Guidance for ‘How to become tax filer in Pakistan
  • Tax calculation for their clients
  • Represent clients before commissioners, tax tribunals and courts for hearings
  • Represent in financial institute on behalf of clients
  • Prepare financial accounts as per tax requirements
  • Company Registration services
  • Firm Registration Services
  • Tax exemption filing
  • Tax appeals in different tribunals and courts
  • Tax refunds processing
  • Provide Advice on Future investment
  • Prepare budget /feasibility
  • Internal audit
  • Corporate matters
  • Registration with other Government department and associations
  • Any other work as assigned by the clients

If you need any advice regarding your Tax Matters, Tax Notices, Tax Appeals  in Pakistan.

You may contact us:

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