Company Winding Process

Company Winding Process in Pakistan:-

Company winding up means the closure of company or closing incorporated company, there are certain kinds of winding up company in Pakistan.

  1. Winding up by the Order of the Court
  2. Winding up by Creditors
  3. Voluntarily Winding up
  4. Winding up by SECP

Company Winding Up Process:

any one who is not running business properly or intends to closure of business, he /she must apply for winding up of company in Pakistan through securities and exchange commission of Pakistan. If some one not apply / intimate winding up of business to SECP, it means the company is running properly and all the obligations of the company on the management of the company.

Winding up process is not very much complex, however the documents must be fulfill and winding up of company application must be presented to registrar of company along with relevant documents and fee of SECP

Time Duration of Winding up:

Once the case worker receives the document for winding up of company, after verification of bank fee and the documents attached with Application, Company Registration office will take around 3-4 weeks for winding up the company and this office will send written letter on the registered address of the company.

Fee for winding up of company

As mentioned in companies Act 2017.

Easy Exit Scheme:

SECP allows all to file voluntary winding up, optioning to apply through Easy Exit Scheme which takes less time as compared to other processes.

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