Tax Filer in Pakistan, How to become tax filer in Lahore

The person whose name is appearing in the list as an “Active Tax Payer” issued by the Federal Board of Revenue shall be considered as a filer; also a person holding a “Taxpayers’ Card”.
To become Filer is not a easy  process, must file annually  income Tax return with wealthstatment then and include in the list of Active payer and enjoy the payments of Tax paid. due date of Tax Return is September 2015.
Contact us to be filer and avoid extra Tax which is applicable on non filer.we are professional Accountant our services include
1. Accounts preparations
2. Private/Public ltd Company registration
3. NGO/NPO registration
4. AOP/Firm registration (Partnership Business)
5. National Tax Number (NTN) Certificate
6. General Sales Tax (GST) / Import Export License
7. Income Tax Consultancy services
8. Income Tax Returns Annual/Monthly withholding statements/Tax Exemptions
9. Sales Tax Returns
10. Audit Report & Financial Statements
11. ISO Certification/SOPs
12. Chamber of Commerce Registration
13. Trade Mark and Logo Registration
14. Copyright registration
15. Travel And Tourism License
16. Preparation Of Agreements, Deeds And Legal Documents
Tax Return Date

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