SECP Forms / SECP Returns

SECP Forms / SECP Returns

It is very important to understand for all Chief Executives / Directors of Private Limited company, Single Member Private Limited company, Public Limited company (Listed in Stock Exchange) , Public Limited company (non-listed in Stock Exchange), Non-Profit Organization (NPO/NGO) registered under Section 42 of Company Ordinance, Foreign Companies, and others who are registered in SECP to submit timely SECP form SECP Returns.

Here we are briefly explaining SECP statutory returns / mandatory returns, SECP form for companies registered under the companies ordinance 1984.  A number of SECP returns / forms which companies have to file compulsory. Here we provide information to you regarding few returns / forms which are very important.

Form A/B

Form A: Annual return of company having share capital

Form B: Annual return of company not having share capital

Form A / B must submit annually on a prescribed format.


Form 29

Particulars of  CEO, Directors, Company Secretary, Auditor, Legal Adviser and other company officers.

Form 29 must submit annually on a prescribed format as well as during a year if there is any change in CEO/Director, Appointment of CEO, Auditor, Legal adviser, or resignation of any officers or change in any particular of directors.

Annual Audited Accounts

It is mandatory to submit copies of annual audited financial accounts to SECP

Form 2

Application for conversion of a public limited company into private limited company

Form 3

Allotment of shares

Form 4

Particulars of Oral contract relating to shares

Form 5

Statement of the amount of rate percent of the commission payable in respect of shares

Form 6

Notice of consolidation, division or sub-division of shares

Form 7

Notice of increase in nominal share capital.

Form 8

Notice of increase in number of members

Form 9

Notice of the Court’s Order disallowing/confirming the variations of the Rights of holders of special class of shares.

Form 10

Particulars of mortgages/charges

Form 11

Particulars of Mortgage or Charge subject to which property has been acquired.

Form 13

Registration of entire series debentures/redeemable capital

Form 14

Particulars of an issue of redeemable capital /debentures in a series when more than one issue in the series is made

Form 16

Particulars of modification of mortgage/charge

Form 17

Memorandum of complete satisfaction of mortgage/charge

Form 18

Notice of appointment of receiver/ manager.

Form 19

Notice by receiver/ manager on ceasing to act as such

Form 20

Receiver/ manager abstract of receipts and payments.

Form 21

If there is any change in companies registered address, Form 21 must submit.

Form 22

Declaration of compliance with conditions of Section 146 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984, At the time of obtaining of certificate of Commencement of business

Form 23

Declaration before commencing business in case of a company filling Statement in lieu of prospectus, At the time of obtaining of certificate of Commencement of business

Form 24

Notice of rectification of register of members

Form 25

Statutory Report

Form 26

Special Resolution

Form 27

List of persons consenting to act as directors.

Form 28

Consent of directors to act as directors/ Chief Executive

Form 29

Particulars of directors, chief executive, managing agent, Company secretary, chief accountant, auditor and legal adviser, and any change therein.

Form 30

Resolution passed by members pursuant to Section 208.

Form 31

Return containing particulars of beneficial ownership of listed securities

Form 32

Return of change of beneficial ownership of Listed Securities and making of Gains

Form 33

Notice of Address at which books of accounts are maintained

Form 34

Pattern of shareholding

Form 35

Application for extension in period of payment of Dividend.

Form 36

Notice to Dissenting shareholders, whenever a transfere company desires

Form 37

Information to be furnished in relation to any offer of a Scheme or contract involving the Transfer of Shares

Form 38

Documents (Charter / Statute / Memorandum and Articles, etc) Delivered for  registration by a foreign company

Form 39

Return showing address of the registered or principal office or of any change therein

Form 40

Return showing particulars of Directors, CEO and Secretaries or of any alteration therein

Form 41

Particulars of principal officer or any change therein.

Form 42

Particulars of person(s) resident in Pakistan authorized to accept service on behalf of the Foreign Company or of any change therein.

Form 43

Address of principal place(s) of business in Pakistan

Form 44

Return of alteration of charter, etc

Form 45

List of places of business established in Pakistan and submission of accounts

Form 46

Notice by a Foreign Company on ceasing to have any place of business in Pakistan

Form S 1

Subscriber of single member company is required to file Form-S1 indicating at least two individuals

Form S 2

Change in the status of single member company to private company is notified on Form-S2.

Form S 3

Nominee director shall notify death of the single member and provide particulars of the legal heirs on prescribed Form-S3.

Form S 4

Application required to be made by private company if it wants to convert its status to single Member Company.

Form S 5

Conversion of status of private company to Single Member Company.

Form S 8

Articles of Association of Single Member Company.

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