Online NTN Verification in Pakistan

Online NTN verification in Pakistan

Online NTN Verification in Pakistan

It is very simple procedure to check Online NTN Verification in Pakistan, if your NTN has been issued previously because this system shows the verification of the NTN in database.

Visit the official website of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), or visit any office of FBR, You may be searched this website from our useful links page.

You may also check services Online NTN Verification in Pakistan, using the below link

NTN Number Registration Pakistan

Put required information and you will get the online verifiable NTN Number, It is a great achievement of FBR for maintaining this database.

Now a days, FBR is not issuing original NTN certificate, anyone may take print online and acceptable every where i.e. Open Business Bank Account, to become tax filer and register vehicle on name.

Types of NTN number:

If you need to register your new NTN number, you may contact us with confident, we will start process for issuing NTN number without delaying, contact us or call us 03009439703 or  whatsapp : +923009439703 

What are Requirements for NTN number in Pakistan?

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Name of Business
  • Official Business Address
  • Nature of Business,
  • Residential Address
  • starting business date
  • Email and mobile number
  • Rent Agreement if any
  • Latest Electric bill of business address

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