NTN Registration in Pakistan

NTN Registration Pakistan

NTN  Registration Pakistan:

First of all, we would like to explain here, without NTN registration Pakistan, it is not easy to work in corporate sector, Government Sector as well as semi government and multinational companies. Without having NTN, nobody can become tax filer in Pakistan, to become tax filer in Pakistan and get benefits of tax filer, NTN would be mandatory.

In addition, there are two methods of while applying NTN registration Pakistan.

Furthermore, Every business individuals, private limited company, firm or AOP, NGO, society, Trade Organisation, Foreign Company, Single Member Company, Partnership firm as well as salary individuals, need to get NTN registration in Pakistan, because Govt wants to expand tax net in Pakistan.

Therefore, every business either individual basis or company, probably requires NTN, It is most noteworthy, no one can become tax filer without National tax number, seems like, it is mandatory for all.

How can I get NTN Number in Pakistan

Document Required for NTN Registration in Pakistan:

For Salary Individuals Requirements of  NTN :

  • CNIC Copy or Passport in case of Foreign National 
  • Employment Letter or latest salary slip
  • Copy of Latest Electric bill for home (for address confirmation)
  • PTCL, Mobile, Email (mobile number must be on applicant)
  • Name of the company and Address

Business Individuals NTN Documents requirement:

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Copy of Latest Electric bill (for address confirmation)
  • Nature of Business
  • Copy of Letter Head or business visiting card
  • PTCL, Mobile, Email
  • Rent Agreement / owner’s property documents in case of business premises owned by applicant himself

Requirements for NTN of Companies, firm / AOP, NGO  /Society / Trust

  • Copies of CNIC of directors / Members / Partners
  • NTN Number of directors / Members / Partners
  • Certified copies of Form 29, form 21, form 1, Incorporation certificate, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association (for Private Limited companies, Single Member PVT Ltd)
  • Certified copies of Partnership Deed, Form C Registration Certificate (for partnership firm Registration)
  • Certified copies of Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Registration Certificate (for Society, NGO, Trust, Trade organisation).
  • Bank Account Maintenance Certificate or Bank Statement
  • Copy of Latest Electric bill (for address confirmation)
  • Copy of Letter Head
  • PTCL, Mobile, Email, Nature of Business
  • Rent Agreement / owner’s property documents in case of business premises owned by applicant

Due to changes in rules and regulations in FBR, consequently, the documents may be changed and therefore additional documents may be demanded by the FBR office.

Probably, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issues Notification, if there is any change certainly.

Especially relevant to business establishment in Pakistan, FBR is the only institution who issues tax numbers as well as assess the tax returns submitted.

In conclusion, It may be said, NTN registration is mandatory for all business either small or big, hence all businessman should register before starting of any kind of business.

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