NTN Number Registration in Pakistan

NTN Number Registration Pakistan

NTN Number Registration Pakistan

Without NTN number registration Pakistan, nobody can open business bank account as well as not able to submit annually income tax returns to become tax filer in Pakistan.

If any person want to get registered in Sales tax department, he needs to first apply business NTN number registration Pakistan, then able to apply sales tax registration.

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is the only authority  who issue National Tax number in Pakistan. FBR issues previously Hard copy NTN number certificate, however since October 2015, they have stopped to issue hard copy of NTN number certificate, now they advise to take printout and use in any where, especially at the time of opening business bank account.

We provide services regarding NTN Number registration in Pakistan.

Following Documents are required for Business NTN number:

  • Company Registration / Firm Registration
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Copy of Latest Electric bill (for address confirmation)
  • Copy of Letter Head
  • Rent Agreement / Owner property documents / Registry copy
  • PTCL, Mobile, Email, Nature of Business

NTN Number Pakistan

Following Documents are required for Salary NTN:

If you are doing job following documents are required for NTN number

  • Copy of CNIC
  • letter from employer /salary slip / Employment Letter
  • Employer NTN number
  • House Utility Bill (for address confirmation)
  • email, Mobile

If you have NTN number, it doesn’t mean that you are Active Taxpayer, to become active taxpayer, you must file your annual income tax return on regular basis, otherwise, you will consider as a non-filer. Non-filer in Pakistan faces extra taxes and penalties, almost double tax payments in Pakistan, such as withdrawal cash from banks, shares dividend, savings accounts profits etc.

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