Immigration Consultants Registration in Pakistan

Immigration Consultants Registration in Pakistan

Immigration consultancy is a growing business in Pakistan as well as abroad, a lot of skilled and semi skilled professionals who want to settle abroad in developed countries with their families. In Pakistan, there is no any department who specifically register Immigration Consultants and Foreign Education Consultants throughout the Pakistan.

Furthermore, it is stated that there is no mechanism of Immigration Consultants as well as foreign education consultants registration in Pakistan.

However, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan  (SECP) provides services for Company Registration under Companies ACT 2017 and the Immigration Consultants may register their companies in SECP and do legal business as registered in said department.

Benefits of Registration:

  • Online Company verification
  • Legal entity
  • Open Bank Account
  • Proper registration in Govt of Pakistan
  • Registered Companies can get international collaboration with other companies
  • Easily Transfer of funds from Pakistan to other countries and same from other countries to Pakistan 
  • Authorization by the Embassies for submission of documents on behalf of the clients (Depends upon the circumstances, terms and Conditions as specified by the embassies, consulate or foreign office)

Immigration consultants can  also be registered under Partnership Act 1932, if there is partnership between the partners

A lot of Immigration consultants and visa consultants are not registered with any department of Government of Pakistan, If they committed any fraud, nobody can chase up and locate them and innocent professionals or clients go to Police station and FIA office for filing complains, therefore government of Pakistan and other department advice them to register your company.

It is necessary for all clients and professionals, to check the status of the person and company, then hire them for processing of your immigration case.

It is strongly advice to not deal with any consultant, who is not registered with Government of Pakistan or registration department.

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