Documents required for NTN Number in Pakistan

First of all, we would like to explain the meaning of NTN. It is the meaning of National Tax number, in addition to, NTN is a unique ID in tax department which is normally issued against CNIC, if any person engage any taxable activity either business or salary, must issue NTN for tax filling.

National Tax number (NTN) is very important in Pakistan, without NTN number registration in Pakistan, it is not possible to open business bank account or banks required NTN number. without NTN registration, we cannot submit annual income tax return in Pakistan, government of Pakistan should take necessary steps to minimize the documents required for NTN number in Pakistan for business individuals, especially for corporate clients and ease the process and should allow to companies to apply their NTN registration application through FBR official portals.

It is very important to discuss here about the process of getting NTN number registration in Pakistan.

NTN Number registration in Pakistan, application can be submitted electronically through FBR portal and physically submission in Tax office in major cities of Pakistan.

If you want to submit your NTN application online, it is very technical, you must be aware once the application submitted, you cannot change your particulars, especially in case of Business NTN.

Documents required for NTN Number in Pakistan:-

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Copy of Latest Electric bill (for address confirmation)
  • Rent Agreement or property papers (confirmation of business premises)
  • Copy of Letter Head (in case of Business)
  • PTCL, Mobile, Email, Nature of Business (mobile number must be on the applicant name)
  • If you are doing job, need letter from employer /salary slip.

Once you get the business NTN  number, your business bank account will be opened on the bases of your NTN number registration. It can be easily verifiable on FBR portal.

Incase of Private Limited companies, Firms, NGO, Society other trade organisation, First you have to open bank account, get Business Bank Account Maintenance Letter from the bank, then NTN application will apply. Title of Business must be cleared on the account maintenance letter as well as bank account opening date.

Incase of Partnership firm / Registered Firm, name and CNIC of all partners details must be mentioned on bank certificate.

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